Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reiki Training

I have been away for quite awhile for no particular reason. Since I have been away I have discovered twitter. This has become quite addicting for me but it is enjoyable and there is much to learn and discover. I have made some good friends on Twitter and they are an inspiration to me. They know who they are.

It was through Twitter that I met my Reiki teacher and mentor. I have completed my Kundalini Reiki Master Level, Etheric Cord Flush and Colours of Angels Attunements. This has been a very interesting experience and the best part is that the spiritual journey is just beginning. I have much to learn and I am looking forward to all of it

I have attuned my husband to Kundalini Reiki levels 1 and 11 and he is enjoying it as much as I am, but needs to do more reseach before progressing any further. That is great that he has an interest in this

I practice the Reiki teachings every day and I also give my cat Peter Reiki treatments every day. Yesterday I sent a Reiki healing to a sick little gerbil and that was beneficial to both myself and the little gerbil.

I would eventually like to be able to pass the Reiki along to others, once I have had enough practice and feel comfortable with it.

The weather here is finally turning to spring and I look forward to some great times at the cottage.

I welcome and encourage comments and any suggestions on how to make the blog better, as long as they are kind and gentle comments.

I will post again very soon.


jay geenen said...

Hi, I follow your blog, I did not know why, just picked out of the air to try. I have my own web site at On the site I have a novel called 'Pieces of Eden'. You should probably read it, some body I know that is into Reiki thought it was one of the best novels she ever read. I think now I know why I just happened to follow your blog. Jerry, the jay man

Admiral Hestorb said...

I had one experience with work no less place and it was something definitly different.